Boathouse Connoisseur's Case
Bay of Islands Boathouse

Boathouse Connoisseur's Case


Tasting Notes

The Landing wines collection is often referred to as the benchmark for wines produced in Northland. Made with a light touch to present a true reflection of our site on the Purerua Peninsula.


The Boathouse Connoisseur's Case Selection includes:


3 x The Landing Boathouse Chardonnay 2019

3 x The Landing Boathouse Rosé 2021

3 x The Landing Boathouse Vino Rosso 2019

3 x The Landing Boathouse Pinot Gris 2020

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Warmed by Northland’s long summers, dried by the sea breeze and nurtured in ancient clay and sandstone soils, The Landing produces beautifully crafted wines.

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There’s no better way to get an understanding of what goes into a glass a wine than tasting it overlooking the vineyard where it’s grown.

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